Kingdom Empowered was founded in August of 2022 - as the founder Taylor was coming out of an incredible event where he witnessed an unparalleled display of generosity and the Holy Spirit. Out of that event the vision and idea was imparted to him of how unfathomably large the desire of the Father is to love people, and expand the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not in a way of how we typically imagine “kingdoms” in our head - of having a castle, walls, fighting, pushing people out, keeping people in - but in a way that shows Jesus’ love and grace - his salvation and what that is, and what that brings to us here and now.

Kingdom Empowered since then has already taken over several different iterations. At the beginning, there was the idea of having a marketplace for courses, curriculums and devotionals. Shortly after - as vision continued to be imparted the mission of reaching people didn’t change, but the vehicle took a small change in focusing on media and content for people to consume mainly - for free. The goal isn’t money or fame, but to reach people for Him.

When we started thinking about it - people are browsing and scrolling on their phones all day every day - and a lot of times they’re doing it as a distraction. Maybe from work, maybe from just their daily lives, and what’s happening and what’s going on around them. So in that, and through that how can we help create experiences for people to move closer to Jesus in THOSE moments?

Kingdom Empowered has now taken on a stance of being a media company, a content creation company where we can go and actually do that. Vision continues to flow, ideas continue to flow - from just providing content to providing 100s of devotionals for free to people, putting out 20+ pieces of content out daily on different social media platforms, a podcast, and even a marketing vehicle to help churches and faith based organizations increase their reach and audience for Him.

We want Kingdom Empowered to be a safe and vetted place for learning - scripturally, contextually, and creating experiences and knowledge and building faith out of that. It’s a place to experience different viewpoints, and establish your OWN faith - and not feel condemned or judged with questions, where those are actually encouraged.

Kingdom Empowered is here for Jesus - and for you. Let’s see what we can do together.