Instrument of God's Love

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Instrument of God’s Love

34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. 

35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

In the video clip, Taylor talks about his friend Drew. He describes Drew as a successful, smart, and family-oriented person who had everything in life that Taylor wanted. Drew cared about Taylor and asked him questions that showed his interest in him. This made Taylor broke down his walls, allowing his heart  

Taylor admits that he was not the type of person to ask someone if they knew Jesus, but Drew's curiosity and care for him made him want to know more about faith. Taylor also talks about how Christians are supposed to look different, but sometimes this can be taken out of context and be interpreted as being better than others. However, Drew was different in a way that made Taylor want to be around him and know how he could have what Drew had. Taylor admits that at the time, he thought faith was the silliest thing out there and did not want it to be the thing that separated Drew from others.

Despite Taylor’s lifestyle of drinking and partying, Drew would call him early in the morning to meet up for breakfast. Initially, Taylor was resistant but eventually showed up and began to see the stark contrast between how he has been living his life compared to Drew. Drew's genuine care made Taylor want to know more and eventually led him to a path of faith. Drew's impact on Taylor’s life shows the power of caring for others and how God can bless those acts and be an instrument of God’s love to lead others to Christ. 

Through Taylor’s interactions with Drew, he began to see that Christianity was not just about being different for the sake of being different, but about genuinely caring for others which is one of the marks of a follower of Christ.

Love like Jesus

Talking to his disciples, Jesus gave a command to love one another as He has loved them and by this, people will know that they are followers of Christ. In the sermon of the Mount, Jesus took it to greater heights by teaching his disciples to Love your enemy’. How are we supposed to live us this love? – by loving like Jesus. He said, ‘love just as I have loved you’. 

How then has Jesus loved you? Look to the cross of Christ and you shall find the answer. His cross says it all. He loved so deeply that He laid down His life for sinners deserving of eternal damnation in hell. He took all the wrath of the Father that should have been poured out for us. He, the guiltless became cursed for us, bearing all our iniquities. 

This is the love that Jesus wants us to follow. Being the recipient of God’s love and grace, we ought to love others as well. Love that is not only during comfortable seasons of life but loving even when the person is so hard to love, loving despite the character of the person. We love because we have tasted the great love of God in Jesus Christ. So how have you demonstrated the love of Christ to others? Do you love like Jesus?

Powerful Reminder

The story of Drew and his impact on Taylor is a powerful reminder that sometimes the best way to share the gospel is not through words at first, but through actions. Drew's care and concern, even when it wasn't convenient or easy, demonstrated the love of Christ in a tangible way. This example serves as a challenge for all Christians to live out their faith in a way that reflects the love and care of Christ, even when it requires sacrifice and discomfort.

Moreover, the story of Drew highlights the importance of building relationships in sharing the gospel. Drew did not simply preach or force his beliefs; he took the time to build a relationship with them, to get to know them, and to demonstrate his care and concern for them. This is the gospel on display.

In conclusion, the story reminds us of the importance of living out our faith in a way that reflects the love of Christ. Drew's example challenges us to prioritize relationships and demonstrate genuine care and love for others in a tangible way, even or more so when it’s not comfortable for us. Ultimately, it is through our actions that we can demonstrate the transformative power of the Gospel of Christ in the world.

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