Being Obedient to God's Plan

Being Obedient to God's Plan: The Power of Preaching and Impacting Lives

Obedience to God's plan is a fundamental aspect of our faith journey. It requires surrendering our own desires and aligning ourselves with His perfect will. In this video, they discuss the significance of obedience, using a powerful personal experience shared by Pastor Josh. Through his story, we will look into the emotional and supernatural aspects of preaching, and how obedience to God's leading can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

The Power of Preaching: A Call to Obedience

Preaching the Word of God is not just about addressing the people gathered in a physical space; it is a spiritual endeavor that reaches beyond the visible realm. Pastor Josh's experience highlights the weight and responsibility associated with preaching. As he stood before the congregation, he realized that he was not merely speaking to the room, but also to the supernatural forces at work.

"Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction." - 2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)

This verse emphasizes the importance of being prepared and obedient in sharing the Word of God, regardless of the circumstances. It reminds us that preaching is not limited to the physical realm but involves addressing the spiritual needs of those present.

2 Timothy serves as a reminder that preaching is a sacred responsibility. It calls preachers to be prepared, obedient, patient, and intentional in their delivery of God's Word. By embodying these principles, we can effectively minister to the spiritual needs of others, bringing them closer to God and facilitating their growth in faith.

Following God's Leading: A Message of Forgiveness

During the course of his preaching engagement, Pastor Josh encountered a divine redirection. Though physically tired after delivering an impactful message, he felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to preach on forgiveness. Despite his initial hesitation, he chose to obey and deliver the message God placed on his heart.

"And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors." - Matthew 6:12 (NIV)

The Lord's Prayer reminds us of the importance of forgiveness. Preaching on forgiveness can be challenging, as it requires vulnerability and understanding of the pain involved. However, when we obediently follow God's leading, powerful transformations and reconciliations can occur.

By addressing forgiveness in our sermons, we create an opportunity for healing, restoration, and freedom. We encourage individuals to examine their hearts, confront any bitterness or resentment, and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged them. Preaching on forgiveness invites people to experience the transformative power of God's love and grace, both in their relationship with Him and in their interactions with others.

The Impact of Obedience: A Life Transformed

The consequences of Pastor Josh's obedience were far-reaching. In the first service, his message inspired a young man to make a commitment to change his life and reconcile with his father. Moved by the sermon, the young man persuaded his reluctant father to attend the second service, which focused on forgiveness. Although initially resistant, the father had a change of heart and recognized the significance of the message.

"But Samuel replied: 'Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.'" - 1 Samuel 15:22 (NIV)

This verse reminds us that obedience to God's plan holds greater value than outward acts of religious observance. True obedience involves heeding God's voice and aligning our actions with His will. The impact of Pastor Josh's obedience demonstrated the transformative power that lies within our obedience to God.

The Significance of Obedience in Our Lives

Obedience to God's plan is not limited to those called to preach; it is a universal principle that applies to every believer. Through the story of Pastor Josh, we see that obedience can lead to life-changing moments for both the obedient and those who witness their obedience.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

These verses encourage us to trust God completely, relinquishing our reliance on our limited understanding. When we submit to God's will and obey His guidance, He directs our paths and brings about His perfect plan in our lives.

Obedience to God's plan is a vital aspect of our faith journey. The story shared by Pastor Josh serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of obedience in preaching and beyond. By faithfully following God's leading, we can witness incredible transformations and play a part in fulfilling His purposes. May we all strive to be obedient to God's plan and experience the joy and fulfillment it brings.

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